Session 1

Chairman : Prof. Seungwon Choi, Hanyang Univ., KOREA


Special Issue on Cooperative Communication ^UE Relay Evolving with D2D for Heterogeneous Cellular Networks ̄
  - Prof. Dong In Kim, Sungkyunkwan Univ., KOREA
  Opening Address
  - Prof. Jae Moung Kim, Chairman, CR•SDR Forum
  Encouragement Address
  - Prof. Sung Jae Ko, President, IEEK


Keynote speech ^Performance Feasibility of mmWave Beamforming Prototype for 5G Cellular Communications"
  - Dr. Kyung Whoon Cheun, Samsung Electronics, KOREA
  Keynote speech "A Vision - Evolution of Wireless Communications and related Key Opportunities in Europe"
  - Dr. Markus Dominik Mueck, Intel, GERMANY
Session 2

Chairman : Prof. Woncheol Lee, Soongsil Univ., KOREA


Accelerating Mobile Device Performance Test In the Lab
  - Mr. Erik Org, Azimuth Systems, USA


Beyond 4G : Video Processing at the Edge
  - Mr. Manuel Uhm, Coherent Logix, USA


Advanced Radio Environment Database Supported Cognitive Radio
  - Prof. Takeo Fujii, UEC, JAPAN


Cognitive Radio for Flexible use of Spectrum
  - Dr. Byung Jang Jeong, ETRI, KOREA