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53 Experiments on MIMO-OFDM system combined with adaptive beamforming based on IEEE 802.16e WMAN standard Jaeho Chung Yusuk Yun Seungwon Choi 2011.06 Volume 52 Issue 4 (2013) page 1931-1944 Telecommunication Systems
52 Multichannel Sharing and Joint Detection for Cell-Edge Users in downlink Multicell OFDMA Systems Jinho Choi Seungwon Choi 2011.05 60(4) IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY
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50 Effect of HARQ Gain for a Smart Antenna System and a Diversity Antenna System in a TD-SCDMA System Taeyoul Oh Yusuk Yun Seungwon Choi 2011.01~02 Vol.57 No.1 IETE Journal of Research
49 A User Selection Algorithm Providing Maximum Sum-Rate for Multiuser MIMO Systems Taeyoul Oh Seungheon Hyeon Hyunsung Go Seungwon Choi 2010.05 Vol.E93B No.5 IEICE Transations Communications
48 Implementation of an SDR System Using Graphics Processing Unit June Kim Seungheon Hyeon Seungwon Choi 2010.03 Volume: 48 Issue: 3 IEEE COMMUNICATIONS MAGAZINE
47 Development of Advanced Terrestrial DMB System Jae Hong Lee Jong-Soo Lim Sangwoon Lee Seungwon Choi 2010.03 Volume: 56 Issue: 1 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING
46 Generalized Eigen-Combining Algorithm for Adaptive Array Systems in a Co-Channel Interference Environment Seungheon Hyeon Seungwon Choi 2009.04 Vol.13 No.4 IEEE Communications Letters
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41 Comparative Performance Evaluation of Current-Mode Control Schemes Adapted to Asymmetrically-Driven Bridge-Type Pulse- Width Modulated Dc-to-Dc Converters Byungcho Choi Wonseok Lim Seungwon Choi Jian Sun 2008.05 Vol.55 No.5 IEEE Transactions on Industrial electronics
40 Phase Diversity for an Antenna Array System with a Short Inter-Element Separation Seungheon Hyeon Yusuk Yun Hyeongdong Kim Seungwon Choi 2008.01 Vol.57 No.1 IEEE Transaction On Vehicular Technology
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