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74 Implementation and Performance Analysis of a Non-codebook Based MU-MIMO System with Dynamic Precoding for TDD LTE-Advanced Sangwook Han, Daejin Kim, Heungseop Ahn, Jaeho Lee, Yekaterina Kim, Seungwon Choi, Byungcho Choi 2019. 07 IETE Journal of Research
73 A Novel Procedure for Implementing a Turbo Decoder on a GPU with Coalesced Memory Access Heungseop Ahn Seungwon Choi 2017.05 Vol. E100-A No. 5 IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences
72 Online Calibration for LTE-Based Antenna Array System Kyunghoon Kim Hyunwook Yang Jaehyun Jang Tiefeng Sun Seungwon Choi Jaeho Jung 2016.10 Volume 2016, Article ID 2645870, 10 pages Hindawi Publishing Corporation International Journal of Antennas and Propagation
71 Design and Implementation of ETSI-Standard Reconfigurable Mobile Device for Heterogeneous Network Yong Jin Chiyoung Ahn Seungwon Choi Markus Mueck Vladimir Ivanov Tapan Sarkar 2016.08 Vol.E99-B, No.8, pp.1874-1883 IEICE Transactions on Communications
70 ETSI-Standard Reconfigurable Mobile Device for Supporting the Licensed Shared Access Kyunghoon Kim Yong Jin Donghyun Kum Seungwon Choi Markus Mueck Vladimir Ivanov 2016.07 Volume 2016, Article ID 8035876, 11 pages Hindawi Publishing Corporation Mobile Information Systems
69 The ETSI standard architecture, related interfaces, and reconfiguration process for reconfigurable mobile devices Yong Jin Kyunghoon Kim Donghyun Kum Seungwon Choi Vladimir Ivanov 2015.09 Volume: 53 Issue: 9 38-46 pages IEEE Communications Magazine
68 A Detection Algorithm to Reduce the Condition Number of the Channel Matrix Date of Evaluation Hyunwook Yang Gyuyoung Lee Seungwon Choi 2015.02 Vol.E98-B, No.2, pp.280-287 IEICE
67 A Novel User Selection Method that Maximizes the Determinant of Channel Auto-correlation for Multi-User MIMO Systems with Zero-Forcing Precoder Date of Evaluation Hyunwook Yang Yeongyu Han Seungwon Choi 2014.07 Vol.E97-B, No.7, pp.1429-1434 IEICE
66 Novel SINR-Based User Selection for an MU-MIMO System with Limited Feedbac Donghyun Kum Daegeun Kang Seungwon Choi 2014.02 Vol.36, No. 1, pp 62 ~ 68 ETRI journal
65 Implementation of LTE system on an SDR platform using CUDA and UHD Saehee Bang Chiyoung Ahn Yong Jin Seungwon Choi John Glossner Sungsoo Ahn 2013.11 Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing
64 User Selection Method Adopting Cross-Entropy Method for a Downlink Multiuser MIMO System Kyunghoon Kim Hyunwook Yang Seungwon Choi 2013.08 Wireless Personal Communications
63 Implementation of a Zero-Forcing Precoding Algorithm Combined with Adaptive Beamforming Based on WiMAX System Hyunwook Yang Seungwon Choi 2013.04 Article ID 976301, 7 pages International Journal of Antennas and Propagation
62 Implementation of an Antenna Array for Satellite Communications with the Capability of Canceling Jammers Changeui Shin Jahyuk Ju Daegeun Kang Seungwon Choi Cheolhoon Lee Chihyun Cheong Jongwoo Seo Sarkar, T.K. Salazar-Palma, M. 2013.02 Vol.55, issue 1 pp 32 ~ 48 IEEE Antennas & Propagation Magazine
61 Future of Wireless Communication: RadioApps and Related Security and Radio Computer Framework Markus Mueck Seungwon Choi Chiyoung Ahn Hyunwook Yang June Kim Gianmarco Baldini 2012.08 IEEE Wireless Communications
60 MU-MIMO Precoding Methods for Reducing the Transmit Normalization Factor by Perturbing Data of the Codebook Hyunwook Yang Seungwon Choi 2012.07 Vol.E95-B, No.7, pp.2405-2413 IEICE
59 Implementation of an SDR system using an MPI-based GPU cluster for WiMAX and LTE Chiyoung Ahn Saehee Bang Hyohan Kim Seunghak Lee June Kim Seungwon Choi 2012.07 Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing
58 A Novel Lattice Reduction Precoding Method Hyunwook Yang Jinho Choi Seungwon Choi Jangwoo Kwon 2012.06 Wireless Personal Communications
57 Implementation of parallel lattice reduction-aided MIMO dectector using graphics processing unit Hyunwook Yang Taehyun Kim Chiyoung Ahn June Kim Seungwon Choi John Glossner 2012.06 Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing
56 Efficient User Scheduling Algorithm for Enhancing Zero-Forcing Beamforming in MIMO Broadcast Channels Changeui Shin Hyunsung Go Seungwon Choi 2011.10 E94-B, NO.10 IEICE Transations Communications
55 Implementation of Samrt Antenna API and Transceiver API in Software Communication Architecture for a Wireless Innovation Forum Standard June Kim Chiyoung Ahn Seungwon Choi John Glossner 2011.09 69(2) p219-226 Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing
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